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Those who want to get a mortgage loan from Good Finance Bank make an extra effort to find the most advantageous loan in bank loans before taking a loan.

Advantageous loan products

Good Finance Bank, which provides many opportunities to its customers under favorable conditions and interest rates without any additional efforts, is one of the banks preferred by many people with its advantageous loan products.

Flexible payment plans, interest rates and repayment terms are of great importance for those who want to take out loans. Good Finance Bank has a more advantageous payment plan, suitable interest rates and easy lending in housing loans compared to other banks. Some features of the mortgage loan can be listed as follows:

  • Thanks to Good Finance Bank housing loan , payments can be made by making equal installments with fixed interest rates or by creating a flexible payment plan with increasing installments.
  • The maturity of the mortgage loan, which is quite flexible, can be up to 10 years depending on the current situation of the people.
  • Persons who will take out a loan can use up to eighty percent of the appraisal value of the purchased property.
  • If an early payment is to be made for loans drawn using fixed interest, an early payment fee may be charged for one percent if the remaining due date of this early payment is not more than thirty-six months, and two percent for loans with a maturity greater than thirty-six months.
  • All forms of payment made before the due dates are accepted as early payments and early payment fees are collected.
  • If a loan will be made with collateral, it will be sufficient to show the mortgage of the purchased house and no extra surety condition will be required for loan applications. However, in some cases, Good Finance Bank reserves this right and may request a guarantor under the conditions it deems necessary.

People who want to get a housing loan from Good Finance Bank

There are some documents that people who want to get a housing loan from Good Finance Bank should pay attention and deliver. These documents are of great importance for the approval of the mortgage loan. It is difficult for people who bring missing documents to get a mortgage loan. It is possible to list the required documents for the mortgage loan as follows:

  • First of all, applicants for housing loan must fill in the application form provided by the bank.
  • The most important document required for the application is an ID copy containing the TR identity number of the person.
  • As with other loans, the income certificate belonging to the applicant is among the most important documents required in applying for housing loans.
  • A copy of the paid invoice document belonging to the person applying for the housing loan should also be brought.
  • Salary payroll and company signature circular indicating that there is no lien on salary for working people are among the important documents.
  • People who are engaged in self-employment are required to have a tax plate, trade registry circular and registry records related to their profession. In addition, if these individuals have additional income or have separate assets, their documents must be submitted as well (title deed, vehicle license photocopy, rental contract, etc.).
  • Those who apply for the loan should bring a copy of the document showing the floor ownership or floor easement of the real estate they want to buy.

As a result of all the examinations, the bank also has the right to request surety, guarantee and additional documents from the person requesting a loan .

By providing a special opportunity for its customers who take home loans from its own, Good Finance Bank can provide an assurance that ensures that the loan becomes unpaid or against the adverse situations that may occur in the future. With this assurance, people do not have trouble to pay the loan in adverse situations that may occur (death of the person, full or partial disability, etc.).

Advantageous type of insurance

If the person loses his life in the loan payment process, this debt is closed by not passing to the heirs of the person, and if the debt is closed, if there is an increased amount on the bank, this money is paid back to the heirs from the insurance. In this respect, Good Finance Bank home loan insurance can be shown as an advantageous type of insurance.

This insurance, which Good Finance Bank has completely made to guarantee its customers and itself, covers the ages between 18 and 65. In order to make this insurance, after the mortgage loan is approved, an extra contract must be made and a fee must be paid.

May accept payment of fees in cash or in installments

This fee is not a high fee. Good Finance Bank may accept payment of fees in cash or in installments. In installments, it is possible to make payments in equal installments up to 12 months.

At the same time, this payment can be made by placing an automatic payment order from Good Finance Bank accounts or from other banks’ credit cards.

The important point in installment payments; It is the situation that premiums must be paid on time and in full in order to benefit from the insurance completely.

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