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Sepak Takraw is an ancient sport largely unheard of in the UK - Bringing together the skills and techniques found in : Volley-ball, Football and Martial Arts.
A traditional rattan Takraw / ball on a background of grass and sky
It is traditionally played over a badminton-like net in a kick volley-ball style game, but Takraw can be played using a variety of styles, techniques and rules, from the simple and common keepy-uppy to complex team games, You can even make up and submit your own rules / games / pictures / videos to the UK Association and we can publish them on the web for others to see.

Take a look through the site for inspiration.

Other uses

Used as a simple training / refining device for the body, it’s cardio-vascular exercise that improves your coordination and works on core muscles. Notice your football skills feel so much better after just a small amount of time with Takraw. Just as Takraw players train with Shuttlecocks we'd recommend Football players train with a Takraw.

Takraw is playable by almost anyone, and is fun, and a brilliant form of exercise that will improve most other sports skills, reaction times and coordination.

45mins of Takraw Keepy Uppy = greatly improved skills with a football

As a small skills ball you can take it anywhere for a kick-about, or play a more recreational game we call Takraw Tennis. Which is based on Takraw but with one bounce allowed and a lowered net. This makes it accessible to all the family and is a great game for Infants and Juniors PE lessons. Please get in touch if you are a school or community organisation. Membership with the association will entitle you to discounts.

Give it a try! - Click here to get a Takraw

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